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Power Pull Press Release Feb 14 2008
Device used by Super Bowl athletes
by Laurie Cauthen (
on 14/Feb/2008 at 8:23:14 AM

While there were no athletes with Lamar County connections playing in Sunday’s Super Bowl, it is likely that at least some of those in the game trained with a breakthrough device with which a Lamar County man played a key developmental role.

Warren Ridings is the father of Melissa Stone, a local hair stylist. Ridings, now retired, was plant manager at Signal Mills in Griffin. There he supervised over 500 employees and became highly skilled in all areas of textile production and textile mill operations.

Even in retirement, Ridings’ advice is often sought after and he has a lot of friends. One of those friends introduced Ridings to Phil Morris. Consequently, the three formed an alliance.

Morris is a commercial pilot, avid sports fan and inventor who lives in Greenwood, Mississippi. He came up with an idea to create an athletic training device that integrates the principals of resistance at the most effective levels possible for each individual – The Power Pull.

Morris invested some $2.5 million in his creation and touts it as the newest technology in sports resistance training. Ridings consulted on the sewing and textiles used in the...

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Story By: Laurie Cauthen
Reposted and linked with permission

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