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No Hydro-Planing Effect
No Hydro-Planing Effect
by Phil Morris (
on 03/Mar/2010 at 8:47:20 AM


The design of the Power Pull was started in 1999, with the idea to build a machine that would create constant resistance. This means a "no hydro-planing effect". The hydro-planing effect is when the weight starts to move, the weight pushes the apparatus along and the hydro-planing effect changes the resistance of the apparatus. This means less resistance so the numbers are big when it comes to training for results. The athlete will notice this in the heavy load pulls with the Power Pull. This is the "no hydro-planing effect" that he or she feels as they pull the machine. Over the pasted 10 years, the Power Pull has been perfected to an art. It is a machine that develops speed, power, and endurance. The machine is also designed to control the athlete for a better performance in the work out. We are now developing a pushing bar to add to the machine. You push or pull the machine. Dr. Jeff Schutt has trained with the Power Pull for 8 years and is very knowledgeable on the machine and uses as a speed machine and a rehab machine. He put a demonstration on with Boyd Epley and Robb Rogers with the NSCA in Nov. of 2009 with one of the athletes. The athlete was timed in a 10 yard dash before the Power Pull work out, and timed again after the work out. He showed a 2.6 tenth cut in the 10 yard dash or a 2.6 feet gain. EPIC Athletic Performance and House of Speed are others that understand the constant resistance effect. I personally guarantee the Power Pull work out will increase the speed of 100 % of the athletes that go though the program. We've had athletes to go from a 4.7 in the 40 yard dash, to the 4.3s in the 40 yard dash, numbers of times. We've had lineman to gain as much as 6 tenths in the 40 yard dash. House of Speed has a testimony by a high school lineman that cut 6 tenths off his 40 yard time. It's explosion off the line, speed, and endurance to maintain the speed, that is giving these times.

Thanks, Phil
Power Pull, Inc.
Phil Morris

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