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Changing is ALWAYS Hard!
Changing is ALWAYS Hard!
by Phil Morris (
on 25/Apr/2011 at 6:40:52 AM

For the past 10 years, we have heard the same thing from strength coaches over and over, "We are already doing what the POWER PULL does". If that is so, then why for the past 10 years have we been reducing the speed of your athletes that use the POWER PULL? We have seen speed improvement from the 10 yard dash to the 400 meter, and we just keep doing it over and over. So, are you putting your best athletes on the field? The college athletes that have found the POWER PULL and trained for NFL Combines, or the aging Pro athlete that is losing his speed, have seen great result in their 40 yard times, as much as 3.2 tenth in these athletes. If these kind of athletes can make gains in their times, what can your athletes do?

Athletes, male and female, from the age of 10 years old to high school, have experienced great time improvement, and some have won scholarships. Some of these athletes have helped us get machines in their universities. All of the athletes that went on to college had one thing in common, they all had slower times in college. Why ? Because they didn't have access to the POWER PULL. So we ask, is it time to make the change and go with the results of the POWER PULL ? This machine is designed to become one with the athlete. It's a major part of developing the athlete into a mechanical machine. In the past 10 years we have seen the increases in speed, increases in the weight room, pitchers increasing their pitching speed, and less injuries in athletes that use the POWER PULL. This is the effects of constant resistance training. The less injuries are from the foot contact with the ground, a shock wave being sent up from the foot to the hips. This sock wave is developing the legs. To understand this, you will have to experience the constant resistance pulling. This took years of research and development to build a machine like this. If you are looking for the best investment that you can make in your team, then the POWER PULL is for you.

In our manual and DVD we teach the correct way to use the machine and to get these kind of results. We all can learn something new every day if we chose to or we can just keep doing the same old school training. But, without giving the POWER PULL and its program a change you will never know what's new in training.

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