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The Power Pull Developing Sprint Power!
The Power Pull Developing Sprint Power!
by Phil Morris (
on 25/Apr/2011 at 6:49:18 AM

I received news from Coach Walker, Jr. of Ole Miss, that they were runner up in the 60 meter dash at the Indoor NCAA Track Meet, and the University of Florida won the 60 meter dash, both train with the POWER PULL. The University of Florida won the Outdoor NCAA Track Meet in 2010 and the Indoor NCAA Track Meet in 2011. Antwon Hicks, a pro hurdler, has run his best ever 200 meter time this spring. He has been on the POWER PULL 6 years, 2 years at Ole Miss and 4 years as a pro and has cut 4 tenths of a second in the 110 meter hurdles as a pro athlete. Brittney Reese, a pro long jumper, had a windy 22' 10.75" jump at Ole Miss and followed that up with a legal 22' 5" jump. They don't count windy jumps for World leads so that 22' 5" jump is the current World leading jump for females in 2011. She also ran a windy 11.20 -- meter dash to win the event. That was her fastest ever 100 meter. Brittney has trained on the POWER PULL for 4 years now.

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