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[ Coach Joe Walker, Jr. ]

I'm Coach Joe Walker. I'm the head track coach for both men and women at the University of Mississippi better known as Ole Miss. The thing that excites me is that for over 38 years I've been coaching track and field and I have always been looking for that little thing that will get me ahead.. something that I can find that might be the edge that allows our folks to win one more race than they would normally win etc. And in the process, We do a lot of different things.. we've done plow o metrics, lift weights, pull tires, sleds and everything else. Here recently we've came across the Power Pull and since then we have become an avid believer in how valuable it really is! It's been one of the most key ingredients in how we get people fit.

One of the added things we found with the Power Pull was that we started off with just trying to get power and running efficiency but we run down and pause for a few moments and pause for 35 to 40 seconds and we come back. And so coming back that second time is really difficult and one of the things we found is that your heart rate gets high and one of the key things in conditioning is that you want to have happen is to get a high heart rate then recover then high heart rate and recover and so we are getting the benefit of not only of the power and explosiveness which we thought we would get from the Power Pull but we're getting in really good shape by going down and back and doing it in sets.

We use the Power Pull in a variety of ways but basically all of our sprint, jump, hurdle group use it to some extent. We use it a tremendous amount in the fall when we are in our strength and conditioning phase.. but we continue to use it all year long. One of the great things about is that it gives you great power right out of the blocks and those first three steps is one of those things that has been hard for us to get from any other area and that's probably the biggest thing it does and it also gives you resistance in a running position and the person has to run correctly and it's amazing that after they pull it for two or three weeks and get used to pulling it how much better their form gets in addition to their power. One of the things we tell our athletes is because of the way the resistance works on the Power Pull you're not just trying to get it down there.. so if we are running thirty meters we view it as kind of a will power challenge between us and the machine as to who is going to win. The machine is trying to resist us and we are trying to run faster every step and so we encourage our people to make those last four or five steps when the legs are burning and you are really getting tired be the most dynamic, hardest, so not only do you want to pull it down to the thirty or fifty meters but you want to pull it every step getting faster and more explosive if you can.

I'm Coach Walker and like I said I've been coaching for over 38 years and I wouldn't want to give up any of the things I use.. but if I had only one thing I could use in addition to running and jumping and doing our track and field events.. it would be the Power Pull. I fully endorse it and again if I had one product that I had to buy and I could only buy one product it would be the Power Pull.
[ Joe P. Walker, Jr. ]

Name: Joe P. Walker, Jr.
Testimonial Type: Coach
Sport: Track & Field
Experience: Over 38 Years
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Comments: Coach Joe Walker, Jr. highly endorses the Powerpull. See why.

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